Our Allied Health Professionals

Community Midwives

Midge Mackay

Health Visitors

Mrs Joanna Davidson (F)

The Health Visiting Service is a workforce of Specialist Community Public Health Nurses who provide expert advice, support and interventions to families with children in the first years of life. The service is led by health visitors and supported by a skill mix team.

The Universal contacts that are offered are:

  • Antenatal Contact (After 28 weeks of pregnancy)
  • New Baby Review Contact (Between 10-14 days)
  • Six to Eight Week Assessment (Before 8 weeks)
  • Three-Four Month Review (Before 16 weeks)
  • By One Year (At 9 months and 30 days)
  • Two – Two and half year Health Review

Health Visitors run Child Health Clinics in Bridgwater, Woolavington and Edington.

Please ring the Health Visitor Team on 0300 323 0116 for more information and advice.

Our Health Visitor at Polden Medical Practice is Joanne Davidson.